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Make more time for YOU

We sure do know how to put pressure on ourselves…

The fast pace of the western world in terms of work, family, social time, trying to keep fit and healthy and attempting to have some ‘me’ time once in while means our heads often feel like a whirlwind of ‘to-do’ lists and ‘places-to-be’ lists.

Even when we make a conscious effort to free up some time to wind down and recharge, we often find ourselves slipping back in to that pre-programmed mindset of always having to be busy. We naturally want to please others, be there for others, make sure everyone else is OK, make sure the work deadline has been met, make sure the food shopping is done and the housework is in order. All of that is pressure… all of that is time. It is thinking time and time spent being busy and neglecting ourselves.

Stressed Woman
Do the stresses of modern life sometimes make you feel overwhelmed?

Maintaining a clean and healthy living space is certainly a timely task, and for most, not enjoyable! It is not minutes out of your working week, it is not an hour at the weekend; it averages around 2 hours per week for a 3 bedroom house. We know, because our customers tell us how much time we have saved them. Precious time.

2 hours per week = 8 hours per month = a full working day! If you could have some of that time back for yourself or your family, wouldn’t that be priceless? You could go and watch that movie, have a spa treatment, play in the park with your kids, go out on a date (!), cook that recipe you felt too tired to do last week, or hit the gym (OK, maybe that is a little too health conscious!😉).

You coming home from work to a clean house and sitting down to relax (yes, you are allowed) makes our job rewarding. Not only because we are being kind to the planet with our eco-friendly cleaning products, but because we are helping you to be kind to the most important person in your life… you!*

Woman meditating
Make more time for yourself by outsourcing your household chores

*Although this article is aimed towards those in full-time employment, and in particular, families with young children, we welcome new clients from all walks of life in all kinds of circumstances. Contact us today for a quote under no obligation and see how we can help you live in a cleaner and greener space.

Article written by Rebecca Griffin


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