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1. Introduction

As of 25th May 2018, all businesses in the EU will be required to adhere to new data protection laws, known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  These laws govern how businesses collect, store and process individual’s personal data, and all such individuals (also known as a ‘data subject’) will need to give explicit consent if their data is to be collected, stored and processed.  


Under the regulation, you have the right to request copies of all data held by us about you, as well as the right to ‘be forgotten’, i.e. all your data would be erased.  Additional information may be found at


2. Customer Data


Pristine Eco Cleaning Services Ltd collects and stores customer data purely for the purposes of communicating relevant essential information, for example, to send invoices via mail or email, or contact via telephone with information relating to cleaning appointments.  We may also from time to time send newsletters (via email or mail) with information we believe may be of interest to you.


The only data we will collect, and store, is the following:


  • Name (contact name and/or company name)

  • Address (either address to be cleaned and/or billing address)

  • Telephone numbers (landline or mobile)

  • Email address(es)

  • History of cleaning work (dates, hours worked, cost)

  • Financial information, e.g. invoices and total amounts charged and received


Where consent is supplied for us to communicate with you via email, we will add your name and email address to our email marketing system (currently MailChimp), CRM (customer relationship management) software, and workforce management software (for tracking staff and cleaning jobs).  We do not, under any circumstances, share any other data with third parties, and all data is stored securely at our office, with adequate security in place, to prevent (to the best of our abilities) any data breaches.


3. Third party sites and social media


Other data may also be collected via our website and social media pages, in the form of:


  • Customer reviews: these may be copied to be used on our social media pages or website

  • Comments, likes and tweets and other interactions to our social media posts

  • Web browsing cookies: these are files which are stored on your computer and contain information on your browsing activity on our website.  Our website will ask you to approve your consent for us to use cookies.  These are used purely to enhance your experience of using the site and we do not store any personal data from them.  You may disable cookies via your browser settings if you wish, however this may affect certain content from loading on the site.

Social media posts, reviews and comments etc. will occasionally be used for promotional purposes, for example by sharing on our social media pages, and they will only show the name of the account to which they are related (i.e. the account that posted); they will not contain any contact information that we would otherwise only keep on file for the purposes described in section 2 above.

4. Summary

Data privacy is extremely important to us and we believe all individuals have the right to specify who has access to their data, and how it is processed.  We obtain explicit consent from all customers before storing and using their data for any purpose.  Once consent is approved, we will only use the data for internal business functions and for communicating information which we believe will be of importance or interest to the recipient.

We will not send any email communications, nor store personal details, for any individual who:


  • is not a customer


  • has not subscribed to one of our mailing lists


  • has not contacted us directly (via email or social media) and requires a response

For any further information on this policy, or to request copies or deletion of data, please contact us.

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