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1. Introduction

​In 2018 GDPR laws came into effect.  These laws govern how businesses collect and store individual’s personal data, and all individuals  will need to give consent if their data is to be collected and stored.  Under the regulation, you have the right to request copies of all data held by us about you.  We do not, under any circumstances, share any other data with third parties, and all data is stored securely at our office, with adequate security in place, to prevent any data breaches.  You have the right to have your data erased, and additional information may be found on this at

2. Customer Data

 Pristine Eco Cleaning Services Ltd collects and stores customer data for the purposes of communicating relevant essential information, for example, to send invoices via email, or contact via telephone with information relating to cleaning appointments.   The only data we will collect, and store, is the following:

  • Name 

  • Address 

  • Telephone number

  • Email address(es)

  • History of cleaning work (dates, hours worked, cost)

  • Financial information, e.g. invoices and total amounts charged and received


3. Third party sites 

 Other data may also be collected on this website in the form of web browsing cookies.  These are files which are stored on your computer and contain information on your browsing activity.  When using this website will ask you to approve your consent for us to use cookies.  We do not store any personal data from them.  You may disable cookies via your browser settings; however, this may affect certain content from loading on the site.

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