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A clear space and a clear mind

Your health and well-being are very much part of our company ethos. We are built on the idea that people benefit greatly from a clean and tidy work and living space, and health simply cannot be compromised. The idea is not only to promote a toxin free environment, but to improve the mental well-being that can suffer when there is no time to ‘get things done’ around the house, or you are physically unable to do those things.

You may have heard of the Chinese term ‘Feng Shui’ which can sometimes be referred to as a pseudoscience and means in very brief simple terms, ‘the way things are arranged’. Although there is much more to Feng Shui, it is primarily based on the principle that your living and work space brings about better health and well-being if it is clear of clutter, clean and tidy, and things are arranged in such a way that your mind then becomes less cluttered.

Isn’t life so much easier when you know where things are, and you don’t have to look in every drawer to find something you were sure was in a in certain place?

Whether we believe in this ‘pseudoscience’ or not, most of us can’t deny the fact that we feel better on the inside when our home is clean and tidy. Some of us have enough clutter going on in our heads that we really could do without it on the outside too!

Serene Lake
Decluttering your living or work environment can help to declutter your mind

Our clients often tell us that it is ‘such a good feeling’ when they come home from work and their house is so clean. Even when you do it yourself you probably get that mental satisfaction, but to have someone else do it for you adds to the physical well-being aspect because that energy can go in to something much more fulfilling. Chores really are one of the worst things for most of us. That is why we put them off and some of us live in a slightly messy and dusty environment.

If you want to improve your health and well-being with a little help from Pristine Eco Cleaning Services, please contact us today for further information. Although we can’t claim to be trained in Feng Shui (!), we are well up to speed on health and well-being through ethical cleaning methods and we would love to help you.

By Rebecca Griffin

Copyright Pristine Eco Cleaning Services Ltd


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