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Do we really need to wage a war on Bacteria?

How many ads do we see for "anti bacterial" products? And most of these, along with labelling, use the phrase "kills 99.9% of bacteria".

What many people don't realise is that all bacteria isn't bad, and exposure to bacteria actually builds the bricks of our immune system. If we all lived in a completely sterile environment, we would have very weak immune systems and even a little exposure to any 'bad' bacteria would very likely cause us harm. Also, the fact that there are billions of strains of bacteria, means that the remaining .01% is an awful lot of bacteria left hanging around!

Children in particular are at risk if they have a lack of exposure to many different types of bacteria from a young age. Their immune systems need exposure in order to become more resilient. Remember playing outside as a child, getting dirty and not remembering to wash your hands every time you came through the door? Although the risk of bacterial infection was no doubt there, the body was also working hard building its immunity.

Dirty hands
Dirt doesn't always have to be the enemy, and exposure from a young age actually aids the development of a healthy immune system

Despite big brands pushing their anti bacterial products as if every single surface in the home (as well as our bodies!) should be sterile, we can live in a clean and healthy home without using these products.

Whilst we don't like to come across 'preachy', we really do care about health and well-being and we do our research into the things we feel passionate about, so we can have confidence in the valuable information we pass on to our clients and followers.

Many natural, cost effective cleaning products and methods can be used to clean surfaces in our homes and work places. This includes water. Yes, just water can clean things. It is great for dust removal (a damp cloth) and is actually much more effective and healthier than feather dusters and sprays. This is because the inhalation of dust particles is kept to an absolute minimum and the inhalation of unnecessary "polish" and "dusting" sprays is eliminated.

Why not save money, time and putting your health at risk by saying no to chemical based products. We are 99.9% sure you won't regret it.

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