• Emma Shipley

More Than Just a Baking Ingredient

How Bicarbonate of Soda proves itself to be a miracle cleaning aid

No fancy labels or containers. Just pure, effective, natural cleaning power

We're used to having bicarbonate of soda in our kitchen cupboards at home, usually using it bake cakes and cookies. But did you know that it's also a really effective, non toxic cleaning essential?

Along with other natural cleaning ingredients such as white vinegar, essential oils and citrus juice, it can help to get things sparkling clean, whilst at the same time not compromising your health or the environment. Here are our five top uses for it in your home or workplace... 1. Fill a glass jar with soda (no lid required) and leave it in any smelly areas, such as toilets. It will absorb any odour causing particles in the air. For a more fragrant aroma, add 6 drops of your favourite essential oil to the powder and mix well before adding to the glass jar.


2. Sprinkle generously onto sofas, rugs, carpets and dog bedding and leave for between 15-60mins before vacuuming off. Again, this has the effect of deodorising.🌿

3. For smelly shoes, sprinkle into shoes and leave for a couple of hours before vacuuming out.


4. To brighten up your white laundry, add a tablespoon of soda to your detergent drawer prior to washing. You can also make a paste with a little water and use for stain removal (much like the stain removers you get from the supermarket, minus all the harsh chemicals!).


5. To clean sinks and drains, sprinkle one cup of soda into the sink and plughole, followed by a cup of spirit vinegar. Be careful to quickly put a cloth over the plughole at this point or you may end up re-enacting one of those school science experiments when it shoots up volcano style! The two products will cause a reaction and fizz up, helping to clean away any limescale and gunk. Rinse with warm water once all the soda has dissolved.


There are many more uses around the home and bicarbonate of soda truly is a wonder product that should be one of your staples under the kitchen sink.

If you use bicarbonate of soda for any other uses around the home, comment below or drop us an email to tell us how.

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